Brand Kit

This guide is intended to serve as an ongoing resource for all communication about our brand, across all platforms and channels. It provides our team members, partners, and other stakeholders with the necessary information to ensure our brand is consistently conveyed in an accurate and professional manner.


$bjesus logo

Do you need our official logo?


$bjesus wordmark

The officials front for $BJESUS is


$bjesus color guide

Here are our official brand colors, use them as a guide not a prison to create graphics that are in line with what the community is already doing.


$bjesus avatar

Do you want to rep for $BJESUS on your social media accounts to spread the word? Use the Profile Picture above on your social media accounts.


$BJESUS is a meme coin with no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return.

It is for entertainment purposes only.

Black Jesus is most certainly not running the largest social-economic experiment of our time.


For inquiries:

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