Meme kit

These stickers we created by the $BJESUS community to be used to create memes, merch, and promotional material to spread the gospel of $BJESUS. Go for and spread the memes.

$BJESUS cooking up
$BJESUS big stepping for the lord
$BJESUS flashback
$BJESUS goes to court
$BJESUS get mysterious baby
Spirit $BJESUS
Sleepy $BJESUS
$BJESUS has a point
$BJESUS works
$BJESUS performs for the people
$BJESUS meditates
$BJESUS is amazed
$BJESUS is not feeling it
$BJESUS baby pictures
$BJESUS walketh


$BJESUS is a meme coin with no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return.

It is for entertainment purposes only.

Black Jesus is most certainly not running the largest social-economic experiment of our time.


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